Mercenaries 2 – Personal Worries

I personally love the ideas behind the Mercenaries series.  It functions on the principle that blowing up stuff in a sandbox environment is fun.  I support that.  I’m worried by the new looks at gameplay we’ve been getting though.  There have been several times when they’ve demonstrated the gameplay as the August 31st release date draws near. One note in particular stuck out.  This is the inclusion of a grappling hook to hijack helicopters. ... 

Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – New Features Shown in Previews

E3 is getting ready to go full force next week.  This means will be seeing much more of some of the industry’s biggest launches.  The Brothers in Arms series is already showing off some more gameplay footage in released movies and new screenshots.  The graphics look spectacular.  The gameplay hasn’t been touched much, so one can expect the same tactical play familiar to the series.  The big addition will be environmental damage.  Sandbags... 

2K Games To Enlist ‘Dark Sector’ Devs for BioShock PS3 Help

2K Games has called upon the help of Digital Extremes, who made the disappointing game Dark Sector, for help on the PS3 port of BioShock.  The only plausible explanation of this is that 2K Games is having a hard time getting their award-winning FPS running correctly on the PS3.  This happens to be the only thing Digital Extremes did correctly with Dark Sector.  It’s good to see a game company admit when they can’t do something instead of release... 

Preview of James Bond: Quantum of Solace

There’s some new information being kicked around by the developers for this one.  A series of screenshots were just released to tease us for the future release of this companion to the Bond movie of the same name.  The graphics look pretty sharp but I’m worried about some descriptions. I feel a mix of hope and fear towards this new title.  The game has been picked up by developing powerhouse Treyarch and uses the same engine as Call of Duty 4. ... 

This Week in FF Famitsu Scans..

Famitsu scans have surfaced online with some new pics of FFXIII, FFVsXIII, and Dissidia. Forever Fantasy has all the scans for you to look at which I’ll provide links for below FF13 Scan 1 FF13 Scan 2 FF13 Scan 3 Dissidia Scan 1 Dissidia Scan 2 Dissidia Scan 3 DKΣ3713 Forever Fantasy has even taken the liberty of translating an interview with Nomura concerning Dissidia and gave the following bits of information from it: – Max character level is... 

Heavenly Sword 2 axed?

Kotaku is reporting that Heavenly Sword 2 has been axed by Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe because it was no longer commercially viable. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, as two other SCEE titles have been canceled in recent weeks. The previous titles were The Getaway 3, and Eight Days.  Read More →

Prologue of MGS4 Video

This video totals over an hour long, and gives us a preview of MGS4. Too Bad it’s in Japanese, but I’m sure it’s worth a look for the hardcore fans. MGS4 Prologue Video  Read More →

Golden Axe: Beast Rider Debut Trailer has it’s hands on the world exclusive first look at the upcoming classic revival of the series. from the gameplay shown, they appear to be going for a Heavenly Sword camera style, and your standard hack n slash fare. The game is to come out in the fall.  Read More →

Beyond Good and Evil 2 Teaser

There was buzz a few weeks back about Beyond Good and Evil 2 being in development. Well, I guess this makes it official. The game is to be released for PS3 and Xbox 360, and apparently the teaser is all in-engine. I can’t wait to see more. Hit the jump for the teaser trailer of Beyond Good and Evil 2.  Read More →

Guitar Hero On Tour Drum Kit video

Okay, I’ll admit it.. I think the new drum layout for Guitar Hero On Tour is awesome. The fact that the pads on the drum kit are now pressure sensitive, and it now is wireless is a nice step forward. Sure, it’s just a take off of the Rock Band formula, which most people will be quick to point out. But I still think that it looks like they’re trying to one up the formula, rather than just completely rip off their competition. That’s fine... 

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