This Week in FF Famitsu Scans..

Famitsu scans have surfaced online with some new pics of FFXIII, FFVsXIII, and Dissidia. Forever Fantasy has all the scans for you to look at which I’ll provide links for below

FF13 Scan 1
FF13 Scan 2
FF13 Scan 3

Dissidia Scan 1
Dissidia Scan 2
Dissidia Scan 3


Forever Fantasy has even taken the liberty of translating an interview with Nomura concerning Dissidia and gave the following bits of information from it:

– Max character level is 100.
– Each character has a unique skill.
– During the battle you’ll be able to pick up treasure chests.
– Nomura said there won’t be more than 20 characters, but stated there might be suprises. We are guessing there will be secret unlockable characters.
– The game will have Gil and AP, however their use is a secret for now.
– Game is 50% complete, they are done with the characters.

And for those of you who don’t know, DKΣ3713 is an event square is going to be holding that is open to the public much like the Square party last year. An official web page is up and a google-translated version of it can be found Here and shows what titles will be there. Again, Forever Fantasy has translated the Interview and got the following info:

– DKΣ3713 is a private show so for the general public that wants to see and play the games, TGS in October will feature more new information.

– The event will be at the same format as previous S-E events, with closed theatre as well as playable booths outside.

– Birth by Sleep will be playable for the first time at the event.

– Despite the news that Square Enix was going to scale back from Mobile development, it appears that Kingdom Hearts: Coded, 3rd Birthday and Agito XIII will still be going ahead.

– Agito XIII seems to be facing serious development issues at the moment. There is a huge worldview and historical timeline.

– The director of Agito XIII is doing the outline of the entire story synopsis himself now, development is still in early stages.

– Versus XIII is on hold until FFXIII is done, because the entire Versus team is helping to finish Final Fantasy XIII at the moment. It is number one priority.

– While the planners and programmers are all working on Final Fantasy XIII, the Versus project is getting the designers to work on a lot of image illustrations and conceptual visuals. The story for Versus is also pretty much complete.

– Kingdom Hearts: 358/2 Days is being tuned and balanced, but it is not quite as polished as Dissidia yet. They’ll be taking feedback from the playable demo.

– Birth by Sleep is not anywhere close to a final build, but Nomura wants to let people get a chance to try it out first.

– Advent Children Complete might finally be close to getting a release date.

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