World Exclusive Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Trailer

Gametrailers has a world exclusive first look at the next entry into the classic RTS series. It looks to be taking a more bright and colorful art style.  Read More →

New MGS4 Trailer

A new Metal Gear Solid 4 trailer has hit the net, titled “Courage is Solid”. Cheesy, I know. But that’s always part of the charm with the Metal Gear Solid series. Check it out below.  Read More →

Alone In the Dark: Theatrical Trailer

This is the newest trailer for the upcoming survival horror trend setter. Looks interesting.  Read More →

Socom: Confrontation Video

A video is out for the newest SOCOM game straight outta Playstation Day 08. I would love to tell you how it is, but unfortuneately I’m still downloading it myself, and it is moving very slow (3+ hours for a 61.3MB download?), but I’ll give it out without my thoughts on it, I’m that nice. Enjoy! Socom Trailer Download Page  Read More →

Killzone 2 gameplay vids

Coming out of Sony Gamers day is some footage of an actual, in-game Killzone 2 footage in the wild! I can’t believe some real footage actually came out. And it looks damn good too, graphically at least. Killzone 2 footage  Read More →

Killzone 2 dated/LBP Delayed

You heard it, Folks. Sony’s “Halo Killer” will be hitting shelves sometime in 09. February to be exact.  Let’s hope the game isn’t full of hype and disappointment this time around.  At the same time, we’ve learned that Little Big Planet is officially delayed until October. We’ll keep you updated on any more information that comes from these two titles.  Read More →

New MGS4 Trailer – “Revived”

How is it that this game continues to get better and better? The latest Trailer for Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots has been released, and in true Kojima fashion, it blows the mind. Will we be able to revisit old locations? Only Kojima and his staff of Ninja programmers know. Hideo Kojima’s Epic finale will be released on June 12th, 2008. We don’t have to wait too much longer.  Read More →

First shots of the new Prince of Persia

The long running Prince of Persia series has had it’s ups (Sands of Time), downs (Warrior Within), and in-betweens (The Two Thrones). Recently some scans of the new Prince of Persia Game have surfaced. The magazine scans are in another language, but who is really looking at the text? From what I can gather, we’re looking at an all new prince, and the art style looks to be drastically different from previous games. The game will be coming out for... 

Introducing Gameplay vids on MY GTA-Killer

I haven’t been very vocal on here about my disdain for GTA4. To me, it is over-hyped and more of the same, which is why i refuse to put out the dime-a-dozen, tiny pieces of info that every other website is infested with on that particular game. Instead, I’ve chosen to show more of this potentially amazing looking, bound-to-be-sleeper-hit-in-GTA4’s-wake game. Despite the lack of multi-player (rumor has it as comin in the form of DLC later on... 

New Prince of Persia Coming to 360, PS3 and PC

Ubisoft released a Teaser last week, and now an official announcement was given that a new entry into the series is coming sometime this year for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. Not many details were given except that the Montreal Studio is where its being made, and that it will feature some kind of new visual style. Not much else is known. Prince of Persia Official Page, AKA Teaser  Read More →

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