Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway – New Features Shown in Previews

E3 is getting ready to go full force next week.  This means will be seeing much more of some of the industry’s biggest launches.  The Brothers in Arms series is already showing off some more gameplay footage in released movies and new screenshots.  The graphics look spectacular.  The gameplay hasn’t been touched much, so one can expect the same tactical play familiar to the series.  The big addition will be environmental damage.  Sandbags and wood will be worn away with gunfire in a cover system reminiscent to Call of Duty’s advancements.

The one thing that sounds practically interesting is the application of some psychological aspects.  You play as Matt Baker again.  Anyone who has played the last two games in the series should know that the war hasn’t gone well for him.  Flashbacks and emotional breakdowns will be integrated into the game to show Baker’s failing sanity as he fights the war.  It will be interesting to see if this is anything more than a cheap gimmick.

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