Chrono Trigger to Be Released for Nintendo DS

There is some good news for fans of RPG games. Square Enix has officially announced that Chrono Trigger will be ported to the Nintendo DS for the upcoming Christmas season. This is welcome news for a growing population asking for a good port of the game to be made for the little handheld’s. Many of them were hoping that it would be an addition to the virtual console, but this separate release should be a more satisfying update despite the higher cost.

Square Enix is already promising some extra content and functions to make the purchase worthy for old fans. There isn’t too much in the way of teasers though. Just a basic webpage with a ticking clock is up for now. I do hope that they don’t go crazy with the new features that they play to implement. There’s talk of better utilizing the dual screen aspects of the DS, which often leads developers down the slippery slope to gimmick land. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for this one. It might just spawn a sequal.

  1. Zac Davis
    July 3, 2008

    Sweet! I’ll be one of the first to get this.

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