Fable 2 Update

Alright.  It looks like Molyneux is actually staying realistic with the game in not promising the world with this game as it approaches its release.  He recently did a demonstration of the game at London and it looks fairly solid.  Basically it plays as Fable 1 except there are more quests, more items, and more properties.  The one significant feature was that good and evil actions would have a serious consequences with little reminders throughout the story, although I’m not convinced about the effectiveness of this after Oblivion’s shallow attempts.  The other weird addition is that rented properties will accumulate money even if the game is off.  This doesn’t sound like a good idea considering that a big complaint last time around was that everyone had millions in gold and nothing to spend it on.  It basically seems like this is a fancier version of Fable for the people who liked it before.  It looks like a solid RPG, but it just looks like it fell short of the target again.

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