Biodegradable new Far Cry 2 trailer

this trailer just shows a tree having the branches shot off, but damn is it beautiful.I know not too much has been seen of this equal so here you go.  Read More →

Fallen Empire: Legions developer Walkthrough

Fan of the Tribes series? Well, I know there are at least a [i]few[/i] people out there who’ve played the games of the series. Fallen Empire: Legions will be a new titled made by Garage Games, for their new Instant Action service. Haven’t heard of Instant Action yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure you will quite a bit in the future around here. Instant Action is a new take on an idea we’ve been using for years now. Instant Action is a web... 

Gametrailers Interviews Prototype Director

Prototype looks bad ass. With the ability to free roam New York City, shape-shifting, and stealing people’s identity and appearance, the game looks a little like Crackdown on, err…. Crack. Gametrailers sat down with the Director of Studio Marketing of Radical Entertainment, Chris Ansell. He talks about direction Radical is taking the gameplay, the character, and the story, and it all sounds very compelling. Worth the watch.  Read More →

Aliens: Colonial Marines Announced

Sega has announced Aliens: Colonial Marines, an FPS developed by Gearbox Software (Brothers in Arms, Counter-Strike) based on the hit horror movies. Aliens: Colonial Marines will be a Squad based shooter. The game will also include four player co-op, where each member takes on a different role in their squad. More multiplayer modes will be revealed later this year. In their press release, Sega states that “Aliens: Colonial Marines will retain the atmospheric... 

Portal 2 Confirmed by Valve

Portal, the critically acclaimed and stand out game of Valve’s Orange Box has been confirmed for a sequel. While in an interview with G4TV’s X-Play Portal’s Lead designer, Kimberly Swift, announced that the hit game would be getting the Sequel treatment. No additional information was given, but I can assure you that we are all excited.  Read More →

PC Gaming goes to the next level

Hanzo from over at Talk Video Games posted a link to a very informative article regarding the new Direct X 10 compliant video cards. First off, these things are amazing ! Their performance is off the charts compared to what the top of the line cards can produce today. Check the entire article HERE.  Read More →

NFS Carbon PC Demo released

EA has released the Need For Speed: Carbon demo for PC gamers to take a spin with. The demo weighs in at 666MB (anyone superstitious ?), and can be downloaded from Gamespot here. The demo is basically the same as the previously released Xbox 360 Demo via XBL, in that gamers will be able to race on three tracks and a test drive in each of the three car classes; muscle, tuner, and exotic. Winning races on the drift and circuit tracks, gamers will net a chance... 

Virtua Tennis 3 Announced

Sega has announced that the Virtua Tennis series will be making another appearance in the first quarter of 2007. Virtua Tennis first wowed gamers on the Sega Dreamcast with it’s fluid animation, great graphics, and extremely fun gameplay. Here are some of the players that will be in the game: * Amelie Mauresmo * Maria Sharapova * Venus Williams * Martina Hingis * Nicole Vaidisova * Lindsay Davenport * Daniela Hantuchova *... 

100,000 Vista Downloads Available

Microsoft is allowing 100,000 people (read – downloads) to give a pre release version of the new Windows Vista operating system a test drive. This is labeled as PRE-RC1, and appears to be a pre-release of the Ultimate version of Vista. You can attempt to grab a copy here:  Read More →

F.E.A.R. Combat Released!

F.E.A.R. Combat is now available for a free download on the official website. The standalone multiplayer component features 19 maps and ten gameplay modes. The download weighs in at 1.8GB. To download F.E.A.R. Combat click here. Be sure to register on the website to get the free CD key to go along with it.  Read More →

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