Counter-Strike: Source Update

Valve made an announcement on Friday stating their plans for an upcoming Counter-Strike: Source patch. The update will include a new version of de_train which will feature some minor layout changes, bug fixes, and will add HDR support. Valve also has promised some new features that will alter the gameplay of Counter-Strike: Source for the better, the first being a new radar system. Not only will the new radar look nicer it will also bring some forth some changes... 

Prey Patch & Extra Content

3D Realms have announced that they working on a patch for the PC version of Prey while Venom is working on a patch for the Xbox 360 version. The PC patch is set to fix several bugs as well as add some new features. The Xbox 360 patch will focus on fixing the network lag issues and a few bug problems. There is no official release date for these patches yet but we will let you know as soon as there is. 3D Realms also stated they will be releasing some extra... 

SiN Becomes Cheaper

Ritual Entertainment announced today that they have dropped the price of SiN Episodes to $14.95 through Steam. For those of you that don’t know, Steam is a free software download available from Valve. With Steam you can then purchase the first episode of SiN and download it instantly on to your computer. As of this writing retailers are still charging $19.99 however it’s likely that we will see the price drop make its way to retailers sometime... 

Six New Battlefield 2142 Screenshots

Six new Battlefield 2142 screenshots have surfaced today. Check them out below:  Read More →

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