Fallen Empire: Legions developer Walkthrough

Fan of the Tribes series? Well, I know there are at least a [i]few[/i] people out there who’ve played the games of the series. Fallen Empire: Legions will be a new titled made by Garage Games, for their new Instant Action service. Haven’t heard of Instant Action yet? Don’t worry, I’m sure you will quite a bit in the future around here.

Instant Action is a new take on an idea we’ve been using for years now. Instant Action is a web browser based game hub. High quality graphics and sound surpass any flash game you’ve ever played. The Hub will have tons of titles to play all with a few clicks of your mouse. Want to see how good the games look? Head over to the Instant Action website for more information!

Anyhow, the guys over at Game Trailers have posted a developer walkthrough to show off some of the features and gameplay of their newest (and most promising) title in the Instant Action line-up. Take a look below!

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