RUMOR: Halo 3 to get “Lockout” remake?

Now there isn’t any ‘official’ backing to this story, but it could end up being true. The latest bungie weekly update gives us a hint of other map remakes: “NS: Two reasons: Sidewinder is one the most requested remakes and we also needed another big vehicle map. And maybe this isn’t the only classic we’re remaking. There’s always hope for said Internet Halo fan.” But this idea is getting more popular after a member of Bungie’s... 

New Mortal Kombat Coming This Year

David Zucker, “Boss” at Midway is quoted saying a new Mortal Kombat game is going to come out some time this year. No details were given though. Nothing about characters, play style, or even consoles. I think its a safe assumption that this will come out for both PS3 and 360 as more recent MK games have been multi-platform. I’m not sure what to think of Wii version, but I wouldn’t count it out. New MK Game Source  Read More →

Bioshock 2 – Coming Q4 2009

Take-Two Interactive has announced today that Bioshock 2, the sequel to last years Game of the Year, will be heading our way around Q4 2009. It’s also reported that Ken Levine, the creator of Bioshock will have involvement with the sequel. Though his position is not known at this time. I, for one, couldn’t be happier as I am a huge fan of the Shock series. But I’ve got my concerns about a sequel. Here’s to hoping they do something different,... 

Mass Effect – Bring Down the Sky Released

Itching for a little more Mass Effect goodness? Well you’re in luck! Yesterday, a downloadable content pack was released for Mass Effect which adds about 90 minutes worth of new content. The DLC includes a new alien race, new side-story scenario and 50 achievement points. This will only run you 400 microsoft points (5 dollars). It’s not much, but at least it’s something!  Read More →

Salvation (X360, PC) Announced

This is a new game coming from Black Wing Foundation. The game has a rather scandalous plot element which has the government getting power after cloning Christ and the Anti-Christ, and then killing them. Anybody who disagrees with the government is sent to a Neurological Network that simulates hell, causing a person to live in horrible suffering for the rest of their lives… Yikes… The game is going to use the Source Engine and boasts highly customizable... 

Tales of Vesperia Screen shots!

As a fan of the Tales of Series (more importantly, Tales of the Abyss), I was ecstatic to learn about a new Tales game that was being developed — for the Xbox 360 no less. I, personally, cannot be more excited for this game after seeing these screen shots. I love the use of color, the backgrounds, the effects, and character design. A wolf with a pipe? Count me in. The game is said to use an evolved and improved design of the Tales of the Abyss fighting... 

3 New Call of Duty 4 Maps Revealed

Yup, the 3 maps, dubbed “Broadcast”, “Dusk”, and “Hill” have been shown, but there is no release dates. hopefully the screenshots will make up for it.“Broadcast” Above is Broadcast, which is inside of a TV station. You can look forward to some frenzied close quarters fighting in here.“Dusk” This may actually be the outskirts of Broadcast. Supposedly another “traditional COD4” map, which... 

Dead Space Trailer

I don’t know what to think.. I’m not quite sure I like the style of the character’s armor, nor do I really like the guns. But the environments have a very isolated feel to them. Bioshock meets Silent Hill meets Resident Evil 4, perhaps? We’ll see when it comes out this October.  Read More →

Gametrailers Interviews Prototype Director

Prototype looks bad ass. With the ability to free roam New York City, shape-shifting, and stealing people’s identity and appearance, the game looks a little like Crackdown on, err…. Crack. Gametrailers sat down with the Director of Studio Marketing of Radical Entertainment, Chris Ansell. He talks about direction Radical is taking the gameplay, the character, and the story, and it all sounds very compelling. Worth the watch.  Read More →

Microsoft officially drops HD-DVD

We all knew it was coming. While HD-DVD had an alright start, it just couldn’t keep it up for the format wars. Studio after studio, company after company, and retailer after retailer began dropping the format one after the other these past few weeks. So it comes to no surprise that Microsoft officially announced that they will no longer produce hd-dvd players for the Xbox 360. In their statement they say: “As a result of recent decisions made by...