RUMOR: Halo 3 to get “Lockout” remake?

Now there isn’t any ‘official’ backing to this story, but it could end up being true. The latest bungie weekly update gives us a hint of other map remakes:

NS: Two reasons: Sidewinder is one the most requested remakes and we also needed another big vehicle map. And maybe this isn’t the only classic we’re remaking. There’s always hope for said Internet Halo fan.”

But this idea is getting more popular after a member of Bungie’s forums posted a magazine scan with the pic below in it had the thread deleted.

Now the pic does have a strong resebelence of the 2nd floor of “Grav Lift” from the Halo 2 map right down to the Battle Rifle spawn off to the side, and other shadowy figures could be construed as “Elbow” and “Top Glass” also. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see!

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