Microsoft officially drops HD-DVD

We all knew it was coming. While HD-DVD had an alright start, it just couldn’t keep it up for the format wars. Studio after studio, company after company, and retailer after retailer began dropping the format one after the other these past few weeks. So it comes to no surprise that Microsoft officially announced that they will no longer produce hd-dvd players for the Xbox 360.

In their statement they say:

“As a result of recent decisions made by Toshiba, Hollywood studios, and retailers, Microsoft plans to withdraw from HD DVD. Xbox will no longer manufacture new HD DVD players for the Xbox 360, but we will continue to provide standard product and warranty support for all Xbox 360 HD DVD Players in the market. As we stated earlier, we do not believe this decision will have any material impact on the Xbox 360 platform or our position in the marketplace. HD DVD is one of the several ways we offer a high definition experience to consumers and we will continue to give consumers the choice to enjoy digital distribution of high definition movies and TV shows directly to their living room, along with playback of the DVD movies they already own.”

Well at least they don’t sound too down about it.

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