Tales of Vesperia Screen shots!

As a fan of the Tales of Series (more importantly, Tales of the Abyss), I was ecstatic to learn about a new Tales game that was being developed — for the Xbox 360 no less. I, personally, cannot be more excited for this game after seeing these screen shots. I love the use of color, the backgrounds, the effects, and character design.

A wolf with a pipe? Count me in.

The game is said to use an evolved and improved design of the Tales of the Abyss fighting engine, called the “Evolved Flex-Range Linear Motion Battle System” (EFR-LMBS). Okaaay.. That’s a mouth full. The Chief Director and Producer at the helm of the project is Yoshito Higuchi who you will know from Tales of the Abyss for the PlayStation 2 and Tales of Symphonia for the GameCube.

Things are looking promising.

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