New Prince of Persia details

Eurogamer got the details on the latest Prince of Persia game. I’ll give the run down: – The game is going to be developed by the original Sands of Time Team (Rejoice!) – The game is in a cel-shaded style – The gameplay revolves around fixing a corrupted world – The gameplay will also be “zelda-esque, old school, with very contrasting levels” – A mix of open world and linear gameplay – The games plot revolves... 

This Month in EGM Rumors…

I was just perusing the newest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, and I checked out there monthly rumor section, which has some juicy tidbits in it. – First off, apparently, a new Halo prequel is supposedly going to be announced for <i>next</i> years holiday season. This game will apparently be a 3rd person action/adventure game and detail early fights between marines and covenant. – Bioshock is FINALLY getting a PS3 release sometime... 

New Street Fighter 4 Scan

It’s been a while since i showed off anything for this game, so I figured I would share this random magazine scan. The newest issue of the Japanese magazine shows off characters from the Capcom’s upcoming hit including M. Bison, Sagat, Vega and Balrog <img src=””>  Read More →

Meet the Scout

What can I say? I love these. The Scout is truly awesome.  Read More →

How 7 Games created the Modern Team Multiplayer FPS

I caught this article over on Kotaku and thought it was pretty interesting. It’s an article that looks back on innovative FPS games, and it explains how they’ve helped mold team based games today. I’m glad they’ve got Tribes on that list. Personally, I believe that Starsiege: Tribes is one of the single greatest FPS games of all time, and it was leaps and bounds ahead of its time. (in many ways, it still is) How 7 games created the Modern... 

Interplay plans for Earthworm Jim, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance Sequels (among others)

Interplay has announced that it plans to peruse  the develop sequels to some of it’s biggest franchises. The big names include: Earthworm Jim, Baldur’s Gate: Dark Alliance,  MDK, and the (reaaaally old) Descent. I find this to be great news, as I’d love to see a proper Earthworm Jim sequel. Perhaps a (good) 3d version of it. I wouldn’t mind another Baldur’s gate: Dark Alliance, as they were some of the best hack and slash rpgs... 

Yahtzee on Army of Two

It’s that time of the week, boys and girls. Yahtzee has graced us with yet another wonderful review. Well, actually this is one of the weeks where I tend not to agree with him. Hilarious review none the less though.Take a look and laugh.  Read More →

Atlus Fans Rejoice

…..Almost. They have just given out details about a few of their upcoming games, but nothing on Persona 4. The detailed games are Eterian Odyssey 2, Spectral Force 3, and Operation Darkness. Aforementoned Details  Read More →

Sonic Unleashed Footage

Holy Crap.. A Sonic game that looks– good? The End of the world will soon be upon us! Sega has released a trailer for their latest Sonic title, called “Sonic Unleashed” (come on, sega.. How about some originality?) It looks to me like they’ve finally learned their lesson. You can’t have a good 3D Sonic game. After Sonic Adventure, Sonic just kind of went down hill.. fast. He had a brief moment in the light with the release of... 

Interview with Dead Space Producer

I’m pretty interested in this game, if just because the idea of something new from EA (and the team is actually passionate about) sort of excites me. This is a pretty good interview with Rich Briggs, an EA producer. He discusses some of the gameplay innovations and the direction EA is trying to take with this Survival Horror FPS.  Read More →

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