Metal Gear Retrospective Part 3

Gametrailers has put up the third part of their Metal Gear Retrospective. You’ve heard me say it a hundred times. I love these retrospective videos. They’re always very entertaining. Hit the jump to take a view.  Read More →

Full E3 Attendee Listing

Ok, so Activision and Vivendi are noticeably absent, but there is still a hefty list of big name developers coming out this year, so it should still be something to look forward too. The list as of now looks like this: 1UP Network, Akella, Atari Inc., Bethesda Softworks, Capcom USA Inc., Crave Entertainment, Codemasters; D3Publisher of America; Deep Silver; Disney Interactive Studios, Inc.; Electronic Arts, Eidos Interactive, Fox Interactive Media, Indie Games,... 

Metal Gear Retrospective Part II

The second part of Gametrailer’s Metal Gear Retrospective has been release, and it’s quite an interesting watch as always. Hit the jump to take a look.  Read More →

Zero Punctuation GTAIV Review

Oh boy. It’s that time again. This time Yahtzee takes on Grand Theft Auto IV. The kicker? He.. He likes it! Check out the hilarious review below.  Read More →

First look at Guitar Hero 4 Drum set

As a previous Guitar Hero fan (1 and 2), and a Rock Band addict I’m not quite sure how I should take this news. In the latest issue of Game Informer they’ve got a picture of the new Guitar Hero drum set. The kicker? It looks awesome. Not some cheap rip off of the Rock Band drum set. They actually take it a step further, and I’m pretty impressed. Take a look below.  Read More →

Bioshock Movie is Official

While I refuse to get my hopes up for another game to movie adaptation, this looks promising on paper at least. The Director is Gore Verbinski of “Pirates of the Caribbean” fame, and is written by John Logan of “Gladiator” fame. It was confirmed by 2K games yesterday to be in preproduction.  Read More →

Gametrailer’s Metal Gear Retrospective

I do love it when Gametrailers does a retrospective. I especially love it when they do it on a series I adore. Hit the jump to check out the video.  Read More →

Doom 4 In Production, now help it along production

Today, ID software has confirmed that they are working on the next iteration of doom, but I’m guessing that they have some limited staff to tackle the project, because they are looking to hire new talent for it. Unfortuneatly I don’t have much in the way of details or anything like that other than the fact that it is in production. If you want details, hit up ID’s website, get a job, and then you tell me the details!  Read More →

Mirror’s Edge trailer

What can I say? The game looks absolutely beautiful. How it’ll play will be another story. I do have fond memories of Breakdown for the original Xbox, so I’m going to keep my eye on this one. Take a look below.  Read More →

Haze Demo Coming to PSN Next Week

Next week there will be some updates on the to the Playstation Store, and a Demo of the much-hyped FPS will be there sometime next week. Thank God too, I was getting sick of just hearing a bout the necter, now I want a Swig! Source Article  Read More →

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