This Month in EGM Rumors…

I was just perusing the newest issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly, and I checked out there monthly rumor section, which has some juicy tidbits in it.

– First off, apparently, a new Halo prequel is supposedly going to be announced for <i>next</i> years holiday season. This game will apparently be a 3rd person action/adventure game and detail early fights between marines and covenant.

– Bioshock is FINALLY getting a PS3 release sometime in September, with all the DLC content packed in. Also, we will also get a first glimpse of Bioshock 2 around the same time.

– Apparently Persona 4 for the antiquated PS2 will hit our shores by the tend of the year, not to mention that original Persona games are coming out for the PSP and PS3

– Rock Band will apparently come out in the fall, but feature no new instruments. Ouch!

– Castlevania is going crazy soon as 3 new titles are on the way, one for DS, one for Wii, and another 3D one for 360 and PS3

Remember, this is all to be taken with a grain of salt

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