Sonic Unleashed Footage

Holy Crap.. A Sonic game that looks– good? The End of the world will soon be upon us! Sega has released a trailer for their latest Sonic title, called “Sonic Unleashed” (come on, sega.. How about some originality?)

It looks to me like they’ve finally learned their lesson. You can’t have a good 3D Sonic game. After Sonic Adventure, Sonic just kind of went down hill.. fast. He had a brief moment in the light with the release of Sonic Rush for the Nintendo DS, but it was short lived after another strain of terrible Sonic Games. Perhaps Sega finally understands how to make a Sonic game fun again. Perhaps they’ve gotten rid of the entire Sonic Team department (if they haven’t, they should.) Perhaps this video just toys with my emotions, and it will still end up being crap.

Time will tell.

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