RE5 Countdown Ends, New Website Begins

The countdown for Resident Evil 5 has ended leaving a nifty new website in it’s wake. The Website features a new trailer, which shows off plenty interesting gameplay, and shows off the most concrete evidence that this game will expand off of the idea of the Las Plagas as opposed to the T-Virus. It also shows a new female protagonist (?). The site also features sections for a Gallery, Downloads, and About Us. The Trailer alone is worth the Checkout. Resident... 

Prince of Persia Next Gen trailer

A trailer is up for the brand new Prince of Persia game. Though I’ve got one question after watching it: What happened to the cel-shading? If this cg scene is anything to go by, they’ve ditched the cel-shaded style for a more realistic approach. Of course, I could just be over looking it. The new Prince of Persia is rumored to be released for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. No official title has been announced. Anyway, check out the trailer below.  Read More →

Infinite Undiscovery Trailer

As of late I’ve grown more and more wary of Square-Enix and the games they put out. They always seem to be going for the quick buck with their ports and rehashes. I can’t say that I had high hopes for Infinite Undiscovery, but after watching this trailer I can gladly say that I wont be picking this up. All of the usual signs seem to be coming together for this one. Standard looking Japanese RPG plot? Check Uninspired character design? Check Bad... 

Guitar Hero World Tour trailer

A trailer for Guitar Hero World Tour has been released, and what can I say? I was sold from the moment I heard Lenny Kravitz. The trailer shows off the game’s new features, such as Drums, Vocals, the ability to create your own tracks.. But other than that, it’s pretty crappy. Take a look. I’m sure it’ll be launching on every system under the sun.  Read More →

World Exclusive Command and Conquer: Red Alert 3 Trailer

Gametrailers has a world exclusive first look at the next entry into the classic RTS series. It looks to be taking a more bright and colorful art style.  Read More →

Too Human Sees a Release. No Really, It Does.

According to Microsoft, the very interesting looking Action game from Silicon Knights is said to be released August 19, but it comes with some sacrifice it seems. Online co-op, originally to feature up to 4 players has been toned down to 2. Hit the jump for more features A bunch of details have also been released through a factsheet “Too Human” Fact Sheet May 2008 Title: “Too Human” Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios Developer: Silicon... 

Fable 2 In Action

I have here a vid showcasing some gameplay of Fable 2. Combat looks just as simplistic as ever, but here we see a canine friend joining the fray, and doing a whole lot of nothing. Knocking people down into wells looks fun though :). Fable 2 Gameplay  Read More →

Banjo 3 leaked shots

Remember that Banjo game? Well we’ve finally got some leaked screen shots. I’m loving the style the game is in. It’s graphically impressive, and very, very colorful. Honestly, it looks like it could be a lot of fun. I’m really looking forward to more on Banjo 3.  Read More →

Banjo Kazooie 3 Being Revealed Next Week?

Word on the street is saying that Microsoft will be releasing some sort of information on the oft rumored about game on their upcoming media summit next week. Sorry, thats all I got. Keep your eyes open and we’ll see if its true next week eh? Source Article  Read More →

Gears of War 2 Comparison Video

Gametrailers has put up a video comparing the GoW2 gameplay footage with gameplay from GoW. To me, the gameplay footage we are shown looks very similar to the original GoW. The original looks to be a little darker, and the animations such as the chainsaw deaths look better, but graphically, they look very similar.  Read More →

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