Infinite Undiscovery Trailer

As of late I’ve grown more and more wary of Square-Enix and the games they put out. They always seem to be going for the quick buck with their ports and rehashes. I can’t say that I had high hopes for Infinite Undiscovery, but after watching this trailer I can gladly say that I wont be picking this up.

All of the usual signs seem to be coming together for this one.

Standard looking Japanese RPG plot? Check
Uninspired character design? Check
Bad Voice Acting? Double Check
Yuri Lowenthal and Johnny Young Bosch? Check! (As bad as they sound in this, I still love em’ both)

There’s also something about the graphics that just seem underwhelming. Not what I’d expect from Square-Enix or Tri-Ace. I will say that I’ve always enjoyed the Combat in Tri-Ace RPGs, so maybe there’s a chance it’ll be a bit of fun. Oh well, enough of my thoughts. Infinite Undiscovery is set to be released for the Xbox 360 this September. Check out the trailer below.

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