Ninja Gaiden DS GT Review

Does this intuitive NG game live up to it’s console counter parts? Story: 7.6, Design: 8.5, Gameplay: 9.2, Presentation: 8.7, Overall: 8.8  Read More →

New “The World Ends With You” Screens in English

The World Ends With You is a unique looking DS game coming out from Square Enix. Ditching the traditional fantasy themes, the game takes on a comic-book style look of modern day Tokyo. The Game uses a unique system called “Stride Cross Battle System” which utilizes both screens on the DS A press release was given announcing that the game will be released in Europe on April 18th. North America will be getting it April 22. The Rest of the Screens... 

Treasure Brings Bangai-O to America

D3Publisher of America and the beloved Japanese developer Treasure are about to connect gamers on the Nintendo DS like never before with the release of Bangai-O Spirits! Bangai-O Spirits will feature a new technology for DS systems, Sound Load technology. This innovative new component will allow players to transfer level data among DS handheld systems via the use of sound and the DS microphone. Along with a groundbreaking new technology, Bangai-O Spirits provides... 

New Sonic: Dark Brotherhood details emerge

I think more and more people are getting giddy about this little DS game, if only thats just because Bioware is developing it. Not much is actually known about it. Well, Ngamer from computerandvideogames has got the scoop on the game. The game is to be turn based, but will have a Mario RPG style of attack augmentation system. The game will also extensively use the stylus. It will be used for sprinboards, Loop-de-loops and other sonic staples, as well as for... goes hands on With Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword

One of the members over at DSfanboy is on location at GDC, and got his hands on Ninja Gaiden: Dragon Sword The game sounds truly unique, requiring you to turn your DS and tap, slash, and draw on your enemies for attacks. They seem to really be taken with it, check out their response. DSfanboy Hands on Dragon Sword  Read More →

FFXII: Revenant Wings coming to the Nintendo DS

The PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII was released in Japan, March of this year, and has already shipped over 2.4 million units. This new game, titled Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, will be released on Japan’s most popular console, the Nintendo DS. This new game will focus on the characters Vaan and Penelo, ages 18 and 17 respectively. The DS’s stylus and touch screen will be used. However, the details of how it they will be used isn’t... 

Nintendo Wi-Fi: Serving 2 Million… and counting.

Nintendo has announced that they have reached a milestone with their Nintendo Wi-Fi service. As of last week, they have had 2 million unique users log onto their online gaming service. With a success such as this, it’s no wonder they will be making online gaming and downloads an integral part of their upcoming Next-Gen console, the Wii.  Read More →

Bandicoot Coming to Wii and DS

Crash Bandicoot is back. The game that was associated with the Playstation for years will be making its return for the Nintendo Wii and DS. Currently, there is not much information available about the newest game and when it will be in stores. All that is known is that a new Crash game is in the works and will be available sometime next year. The newest game is thought to be a pick up and play arcade game that does not emphasize a long career or story mode.... 

Pink DS Lite Success in Japan

The latest hit in Japan is the all new Noble Pink DS Lite that hit the market earlier this week and has been selling quite well. The first day it was on the marketplace, lines began to form as early as 3 a.m. To purchase the console and many retailers opened their shops early to the satisfaction of hundreds of lined up customers. It is unclear how many were sold, but hundreds of DS Lite fans lined up to be the first to get the Noble Pink version. This new... 

Nintendo Fusion Tour Announced

The date the Wii will launches becomes closer and closer, even though we don’t know what the exact date is. Nintendo has just announced it plans to have a tour where it will showcase the Nintendo DS Lite as well as the Wii. The tour will hit forty cities around the US o it should be coming to a city near you. The tour will give gamers a closer look at both the Wii and the DS Lite and allow gamers to get to play the console with various games. Of course,... 

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