FFXII: Revenant Wings coming to the Nintendo DS

The PlayStation 2 title Final Fantasy XII was released in Japan, March of this year, and has already shipped over 2.4 million units. This new game, titled Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings, will be released on Japan’s most popular console, the Nintendo DS.

This new game will focus on the characters Vaan and Penelo, ages 18 and 17 respectively. The DS’s stylus and touch screen will be used. However, the details of how it they will be used isn’t known. Motomu Toriyama, the game’s director and scenario writer, and coproducer Eisuke Yokoyama, did reveal these details:

“The reason we chose the DS was that we had many opportunities to see up close people playing it,” Toriyama explained. “We planned to target the game at people who haven’t touched games until now. The concept we developed was that of making an ‘entry level FF’ title.”

The new game will have a revamped gameplay system:

“We removed anything that would look complicated [to a new player], and built the battle system with an eye towards users who were playing the game for the first time.”

Even though this game will be using the FFXII title, Yokoyama dismissed its link to its PS2 predecessor.

“It is not accurate to call this a sequel. We want people to view it as the latest FF game. This is not FFXII-2.”

I definately can’t wait for this one !

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