Full E3 Attendee Listing

Ok, so Activision and Vivendi are noticeably absent, but there is still a hefty list of big name developers coming out this year, so it should still be something to look forward too. The list as of now looks like this:

1UP Network, Akella, Atari Inc., Bethesda Softworks, Capcom USA Inc., Crave Entertainment, Codemasters; D3Publisher of America; Deep Silver; Disney Interactive Studios, Inc.; Electronic Arts, Eidos Interactive, Fox Interactive Media, Indie Games, Jagex, Ltd., Konami Digital Entertainment America, LucasArts, Majesco Entertainment Company, Microsoft Corporation, Midway Games, Inc., MTV Games, Namco Bandai Games America, Inc., Natsume, Inc., Nintendo of America Inc., Novint Technologies, Inc., Nyko Technologies, Rebellion, SEGA of America, Inc., Serious Games Initiative, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Inc., Sony Online Entertainment Inc., Southpeak Interactive, Square Enix USA, Take-Two Interactive, Tecmo, THQ Inc., Toshiba America Information Systems, Ubisoft Entertainment Inc., Valve Software, and, Warner Brothers Interactive Entertainment Inc.

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