Gametrailer’s GTAIV Review

I am a very big fan of the Video Reviews done by Gametrailers . I am continually impressed by the quality and care that they put into each of their Video Reviews. They’re always very professional, very well informed, and they’ll tell you exactly what you need to know by the end of their review. I tend to hold them in a higher regard over most other Websites because of this. Well they’ve just posted their review for Grand Theft Auto IV, which... 

Official Infinite Undiscovery Official Website Open

The website for Squares new upcoming game can be viewed Right Here. The site is in all Japanese, so good luck reading it, but you can still enjoy the new in-game screenshots, and the 3 different tunes you can switch between, all of which sound nice btw.  Read More →

GTA4 Niko Trailer

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Gametrailers preview of Haze Multiplayer

The guys over at Gametrailers have put up a multiplayer preview of Haze for the PS3. I think it looks rather.. samey? Nothing really exciting about it. But give it a look and decide for yourself.  Read More →

New MGS4 Trailer!

This comes from Japan, so its all Japanese audio, but ill expect an english subtitle soon. The download is kind of hefty, so id just watch it on Youtube. Download Link  Read More →

Afro Samurai: “Carved out of Style”

While I’m not a huge fan of the show, the game does look pretty badass. Senior Producer David Robinson gave an interview with GameTrailers, and talks up the game. The game features a unique look at chopping up your enemies, as you can chop off any part of your enemy and there is no preset animation, everything should be cut off realistically. That mixed with the very cool visuals, and this might be a game worth picking up.  Read More →

Silent Hill 5 has a name, AND a teaser

It was just revealed that Silent Hill 5 will go under the name of Silent Hill: Homecoming, and that it is in fact coming out. That was about it as far as information gos. Well Games Radar has shown out a new teaser so you can get the feel of the game.  Read More →

Mortal Kombat 8.. err. MK VS DC Universe Unveiled

The countdown for information and the unveiling of has finally come, and so has a bunch of new information on the newest iteration of the Mortal Kombat Series. Prepare to be surprised. First off, it’s not Mortal Kombat 8. No, instead the game is called Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe, as in DC Comics. Next, the game is to have litttle to no blood/gore, and fatalities will no longer be present. Now I don’t know about you, but i was looking... 

Iron Man Demo goes Live

I’m not the biggest fan of movie based super hero games. Normally they’re loads of crap, but Iron Man has looked a promising. If you’re still on the fence about buying it, you can download the demo for both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 on their respective market places. I just gave it a go and well.. I’m not all that impressed. Oh well, maybe the movie will be better.  Read More →

New Siren Trailer

It looks rather.. boring? I remember not being too much of a fan of the original game, so I guess we’ll just have to wait and see how this one turns out.  Read More →