OXM gives GTA4 a perfect score.

Are you one of the millions excited to get your hands on GTA4 in just a few short weeks? Well, OXM has put out one of the first reviews of GTA4 for the 360. If you don’t feel like reading, I’ll just get to the good part. A 10/10. That’s right. Perfect score. Check out the pictures below for the full article.  Read More →

Resident Evil Producer Interview Vid Translated

In this Interview with Jun Takeuchi some elements of the game such as Chris, the use of light and dark, and others.  Read More →

Check out Halo 3’s New Maps

This is the newest Vidoc from bungie showing us everything we can expect with the next bit of DLC for the megahit.  Read More →

Operation: Darkness Debut trailer

 Read More →

TVG Red Faction: Guerrilla Q&A

Recently at Gamers Day Out 08, TVG got a hold of an Associate Producer for Red Faction: Guerilla. They get into some of the changes that are being presented, multiplayer, and more. The game is scheduled for a Q1 2009 release sometime. Oh, and expect to actually be able to blow EVERYTHING away apparently. Cant wait to lay waste to some real estate in this one. TVG Interview  Read More →

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Multi-Console Trailer

The Force is strong with this one, and it seems to be strong no matter what console you get it on too! The game is boasting a simultaneous release for PS2, PSP, PS3, Wii, DS, and Xbox 360, and if that wasn’t sweet enough, each game has a unique flair that sets it apart from its other console counterpart. So check the trailer and see which version suits you best.  Read More →

Red Vs. Blue: Reconstruction Trailer

Ahh, Red Vs. Blue. It defined Machinima as we know it. I have here a trailer for the newest chapter in the series. It looks very good as far as production values and making good use of the new features of Halo 3, but it seems to taken a more serious tone.  Read More →

New Star Ocean 4 and Valkyrie Profile Trailers

A promotional DVD was recently released containing Trailers for both of the upcoming Square-Enix and Tri-Ace RPGs, Star Ocean 4, and Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One (DS). In typical Square fashion, the trailers features lots of very pretty CG but no gameplay. As far as Star Ocean is concerned, the console still hasn’t been announced, but word on the street is that the console question will be answered in the next issue of Famitsu. My guess says it’s... 

Prototype’s Multiplayer gets the Axe

Radical Entertainment’s upcoming sandbox game, Prototype was showing a lot of promise (mroe so in my mind then GTA4 to be honest), but now a lot of the allure has been taken away with the announcement of the multiplayer being cut altogether. Executive Producer Tim Bennison cited this as the reason: “while it’s a great concept and gameplay bonus, our conclusion is that we won’t be able to pull it off with the same level of quality and... 

Finally! Some Details about Infinite Undiscovery

We got a trailer for this game a while back, and thats pretty much it. After watching the trailer a bunch, I’ve grown impatient about the Xbox 360 RPG from Square and Tri-Ace. Well, now I finally have something to whet my appetite with some new scans of the game from the Official Xbox Magazine. The scans are rather large, so i’ll just link to them: Scan 1 Scan 2 Scan 3 Scan 4 And Forever Fantasy was kind enough to make a summary of the articles: ”...