Finally! Some Details about Infinite Undiscovery

We got a trailer for this game a while back, and thats pretty much it. After watching the trailer a bunch, I’ve grown impatient about the Xbox 360 RPG from Square and Tri-Ace. Well, now I finally have something to whet my appetite with some new scans of the game from the Official Xbox Magazine. The scans are rather large, so i’ll just link to them:

Scan 1
Scan 2
Scan 3
Scan 4

And Forever Fantasy was kind enough to make a summary of the articles:

” · The world of Infinite Undiscovery has an obsession with the moon. The king has formed the Order of Chains, who “chained up the moon” and turned the planet’s landscape into “nothing but a bleak wasteland”.

· The Order of Chains have captured the heroine of the game, Capel, who they call “The Liberator”. He is saved by the lovely, bow-and-arrow equipped Aya, which has taken him to a group of rebel warriors.

· The leader of the warrior group, a noble knight by the name of Sigmund. He looks exactly like Capel, which is why the Order captured him.

· The game introduces real time battle system: You can encounter enemies at anytime on the field – even when you think you’re safely checking your inventory in the menu. When you are attacked the screen doesn’t shift to a separate battle menu, and you’ll instantly begin to fight with up to three characters automatically.

· You can chain together different attacks, light and heavy ones, and even execute attacks that launch your enemies into the air so you can slam them into the ground. The attacks can be chained with your allies, too.

· You are only able to control one character during a battle, and Tri-Ace didn’t reveal any further details on how we’ll be able to switch from one character to another.

· When you explore the world when it’s sunny, you will be able to see enemies a mile away and vice versa. But once you explore the world at night, their vision decreases – and a mini-map in the upper corner of the screen will indicate just how far they can see. You can try and sneak, but beware, vision isn’t the only way for monsters to detect you – sound and smell, too.

· Director Hiroshi Ogawa gives an example of smell in the game: When you are running from a hunting dog, you can distract him by dropping apples from the trees, however, the guards might catch you by hearing the apples fall.

· The director promises many characters in the game, but says Capel, Aya and Sigmund are the main characters. Once asked who his favorite character is, he admits it’s none of the three, but rather a new, yet to be announced character.”

Forever Fantasy Source


Some screen shots have already surfaced for this game, the rest are in the link below.


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