Tekken 6 Hands On Preview

Liam over at Kikizo.com has gotton to go to a Namco building and play one of thier Tekken 6 Cabinets, and has high praise for what hes seen so far. Apparently the game resembles Dark Resurrection in terms of gameplay, but it doesnt follow the formula too close. All of the moves have gotten new animations, even the old classics. Tiered levels have been added (ala Mortal Kombat), and 2 new systems have been added: one dubbed “Rage”, and Item usage.... 

Insomniac Interview on Multiplayer, Competing with Killzone 2 and more

Any lingering questions you might have regarding Resistance 2 are in this interview with Ted Price, president of Insomniac. They touch on competition with Halo and Killzone, as well as clarifying some of the facts about the game. “Multiplayer: Can the 60 characters all be on the TV screen at the same time? Or do you have to wall it off and make sure they don’t all show up on the screen. Price: We always test that. In fact, with “Resistance 1″ we... 

3 New Call of Duty 4 Maps Revealed

Yup, the 3 maps, dubbed “Broadcast”, “Dusk”, and “Hill” have been shown, but there is no release dates. hopefully the screenshots will make up for it.“Broadcast” Above is Broadcast, which is inside of a TV station. You can look forward to some frenzied close quarters fighting in here.“Dusk” This may actually be the outskirts of Broadcast. Supposedly another “traditional COD4” map, which... 

Dual Shock 3 – Coming Stateside soon!

Sony has officially announced that the much anticipated Rumble Enabled Controller, Dual Shock 3, will be making it’s way stateside in April. Pricing is said to be 54.99 for anybody who wants a bit of rumble in their life. I could not be happier.  Read More →

Dead Space Trailer

I don’t know what to think.. I’m not quite sure I like the style of the character’s armor, nor do I really like the guns. But the environments have a very isolated feel to them. Bioshock meets Silent Hill meets Resident Evil 4, perhaps? We’ll see when it comes out this October.  Read More →

OMG! MGS4 in June!? UPDATE

God I hope kotaku isnt pulling my leg with this one. According to them, there was a “retailers conference” for everything Sony, and in this meeting it it was said that Metal Gear Solid 4 will be released June 12, 2008. Not only that, but apparently theres to be a bundle pack which will include an 80 gig PS3, MGS4, and a Dualshock 3 controller. Wow! With the PS3 being the only currently used console I dont have that, I would definitely pick that... 

Haze gets a Release date

Haze, the PS3 FPS from Ubisoft and Radical Design, has finally gotten a firm release date. And Its not too far off. Ubisoft announced this in an early morning announcement today, and released a new video with the release date, which can be seen below. Get ready to sample the sweet taste of nectar in May.  Read More →

Overlord: Raising Hell Coming to PS3

Have a PS3? Want to be evil and control dozens of cute little minions to rape and pillage innocent villages? Your wait comes to an end! Last years humorous pikmin-like adventure game will be (finally) coming to the Playstation 3 with Overlord: Raising Hell. CVG reports that Overlord: Raising Hell will be released this summer. Better late than never, right? Hit the Link for more information!  Read More →

Phil Harrison Retires from Sony

Phil Harrison, The President of Sony Computer Entertainment has announced his resignation of the company after 15 years, leaving Kaz Hirai as the new president. It looks as if somehow he will still have some kind of ties to Sony though“The past 15 years at Sony Computer Entertainment has been the defining journey of my life so far,” said Harrison. “I am grateful to all the PlayStation family for their incredible support, guidance and friendship.... 

Gametrailers Interviews Prototype Director

Prototype looks bad ass. With the ability to free roam New York City, shape-shifting, and stealing people’s identity and appearance, the game looks a little like Crackdown on, err…. Crack. Gametrailers sat down with the Director of Studio Marketing of Radical Entertainment, Chris Ansell. He talks about direction Radical is taking the gameplay, the character, and the story, and it all sounds very compelling. Worth the watch.  Read More →