Tekken 6 Hands On Preview

Liam over at Kikizo.com has gotton to go to a Namco building and play one of thier Tekken 6 Cabinets, and has high praise for what hes seen so far. Apparently the game resembles Dark Resurrection in terms of gameplay, but it doesnt follow the formula too close. All of the moves have gotten new animations, even the old classics. Tiered levels have been added (ala Mortal Kombat), and 2 new systems have been added: one dubbed “Rage”, and Item usage. Character customization has been uped, and you can equip and item on your character, and that item can be used in a fight for various different effects. Then theres rage. What this does is add extra damage to the character when they are about out of health, giving them a little more of an edge when down.

Tekken 6 Hands on Source

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