The Maw Preview

This will be a new game that will be available via the Xbox Live Arcade before the end of the year.  It’s basically a bit of a twist on a bunch of old platformer elements in a new way.  I couldn’t help but think of the first Oddworld games.  The player controls Frank.  Frank controls The Maw.  They are two aliens who are stranded on a pretty savage planet.  The Maw’s a little indestructible killing machine that is a bit chickenhearted.  Frank has him rigged up on a fancy leash, but he can only do so much with him.   Your goal will revolve around completing a level by convincing The Maw to overcome some challenge.  In general, you need to guide him to little animals he can eat to grow and gain special abilities.  It definitely sounds like an interesting concept that’s worth a second look when it comes out later.

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