Resistance: Retribution Preview

It looks like the PSP might finally get a good action game.  This spin-off from the Resistance series is due out next spring, but the early shots just look beautiful.  It’s amazing what the little handheld can do.  This obviously doesn’t matter if the gameplay’s awful, but Retribution seems to be pulling its own weight.  The game basically just sets up a story that lets you kill plenty of aliens and raid some Chimera Conversion Centers.  It should work fine as a plot device.  What’s cool is the way that the controls are intelligently divided.  You will automatically fire on any enemies once you center the target marker.  The only direct controls are for manual fire, movement, aiming, and switching to alternative fire modes.  They are also boasting a decent cover system, so it should have a nice tactical feel.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this will be a great title for the struggling handheld.

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