Madworld Update

Madworld has certainly been picking up a lot of controversy, despite the lack of gameplay footage.  We now have a good look at what we’ll be getting.  It looks amazing.  Everybody around the gaming world should know the basics.  You are a man fighting in Running Man style matches to please the masses in the cel-shaded universe.  Some new gameplay footage really shows off the extra bits that separate this from Manhunt or Mortal Kombat.  You can use your mix of punches, kicks, and chainsaw slashes to fight through the levels, but you can also pick up and switch to various other weapons besides the basic environmental stuff.  One basic runthrough showed the pace.  You kill off some goons and get into a chainsaw duel (which should be particularly good use for the Wii control) as a cheesy announcer cracks jokes.  The really impressive bits were the bonuses for environmental weapons.  You don’t just smack people with signs.  You can do some fairly inventive things for extra reputation and points.  One instance showed the ability to trap them in a tire and throw them into the water.  Basic vehicle fighting sections and non-fighting levels were shown.  These little extras should serve as a nice way to break up the gameplay.

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