Civilization IV: Colonization

There are some nice new screenshots and details released about this remake.  If you didn’t new, it is a re-envisioned gamed based on Sid Meier’s original Colonization.  It follows many visual aspects of the Civilization series, but it will be a stand-alone title.

The gameplay is effectively a really cool and well thought out expansion pack.  You play as one of the main nations colonizing the New World.  You’ll found your colony and do all the necessary build up.  This means exploring the countryside for reasons and Native American tribes.  Alliances and deals can be brokered with the tribes, but military might usually takes over at some point.

The cool aspect is the ways that it is different from Civilization.  The homeland is constantly considered.  The ships bringing settlers haul your resources back for the colony’s profit.  This means that you have to focus on specific routes of production.  You also have to depend on new settlers for population, meaning that developing a free religious society or a profitable industrial colony is necessary.  It’s at least a worthy twist with some neat ideas to tide over the fans until Civilization 5 comes out.

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