A Look at Overlord 2

Overlord and Overlord:Raising Hell were some of the most innovative games released last year.  If you ever wondered what a dark, fantasy version of Pikmin would be like, just look at Overlord.

I was personally a little worried.  The project for the sequel seemed to have dropped off the face of the Earth until a peek at the features was just released.  I have to say it looks really good.  They really seem to be improving the minion play.  The team is already showing the minions fighting in a new arctic environment as well as riding a their own versions of wolves.  There are also plans for the little guys to use siege machines and even take to the sea in some naval battles.

The last part was really intriguing though.  Overlord 2 is supposed to have battles that actually change the game world.  The story follows a battle against a mock-version of the Roman Empire.  They pulled a move straight out of Shrek by eliminating all the magical beings.  It’s up to your minions to unite them and form a strong counter empire to fight back.  Sounds interesting with some real potential to be epic.  I’ll certainly keep an eye on it until it’s release next year.

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