Possible Crackdown Sequal?

Remember that game that came with the beta of Halo 3? Crackdown was it? Ah, yes, that was it. Apparently creator Realtime Worlds still feels it was a valiant effort it put into the game (which it was). They even regret not working on a sequal at this point as evident in this quote from studio boss Colin Macdonald:

It was a horrible, horrible decision that we still dwell on, not to move ahead straight onto a second game. We would have loved to have seen it. We poured five years of our lives into that game. You know, we’ve got guys on the development team that have Crackdown tattoos, permanent tattoos on their arms. We’re extremely passionate about it. But at the end of the day we’re a company that has to do what’s best for the company. We’ve got to stay in business. And the numbers just didn’t add up. We’re not in the business of doing things because we’d like to, if we can’t guarantee that it makes sense for the company. That doesn’t work.”

Nothing I’m worried about, but hey, I understand many of you still eat up all those sandbox games that come out, even after the novelty of throwing a truck at somebody wheres off. Heres to hoping eh?

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