Fallout 3: Another Look

I hadn’t been holding my breath about this new addition to the Fallout series.  The little pessimist in my heart is screaming that this won’t live up to any of its expectations, but it just keeps looking better.  There was another gameplay demonstration of Fallout 3 and it is really looking good.

The first quest that was demonstrated seemed to be in classic Fallout 3 fashion.  You run into a little boy who can’t find his dad.  You can be a jerk or agree to help him.  A few fights against mutant ants later and you find the body.  You can be sincere or an insensitive jerk again.  It wasn’t spectacular, but the demonstration really showed off the combat.  The VATS system works a lot like a special bullet time.  You can pause and aim to take off separate limbs or hit weak points (like the antennae on the ants).  It gives it a little bit of the turn-based feel to it.  Something hard to do in a FPS.  The atmosphere is also dark, but expansive with a lot of room to explore.  Lets hope that Bethesda does their homework and makes this perfect before the release this winter.

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