A Cry in the Night

The latest look at Far Cry 2 is pretty promising.  They just unleashed a nighttime demonstration for the Pipeline mission.  In general it holds all the basics of Far Cry that the old fans will like.  You can sneak around and use silenced darts to knock out guards and eventually rush in to finish the rest off.  The mechanics look smooth and the tactics seem to be amped up a bit.

More important though is the consideration that is being put into this.  Ubisoft will truly give the player choice in how to tackle the missions.  The game will move at only a slightly advanced pace, meaning that you will have a full six hours of daylight and six hours of night for missions.  Being able to sleep at safe houses means that you can always choose the time for your attack.  You can try a daring daytime raid or a stealthy advance.  It may not be an incredible innovation, but it is nice to see an advance in nonlinear gameplay.

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