Get Left 4 Dead this November

Oh, you have no idea how much I’ve been looking forward to Left 4 Dead. It has potential to be the greatest online co-op zombie game! Okay.. well it doesn’t have much competition. Anyway, after months and months of delays, the game may finally have a release date! In an interview with shacknews, Doug Lombardi stated that Left 4 Dead was pretty much complete, and they were just ironing out bugs and adding a bit of polish to the overall product. They expect Left 4 Dead to ship this November.

So the game is pretty much playable all the way through right now. And as we’ve done with most of our games, we get to a point where, it’s playable all the way through, there are some [minor] issues that we need to work on, and we try to add more time to the schedule to have as many people as possible play the game, to make sure that it’s approachable to players of all skills. We want to make sure that all the game that we’ve built gets played, not just be like, “Okay, it’s complete, let’s ship it.”

For example, Half-Life 2 was pretty much done in April of 2004, and we spent the rest of that year just looking at pacing, and looking at approachability, and making sure the easy setting was easy enough, etc. So we’re in a pretty similar state right now, with it being, what, early May, and we’re looking at the same time frame–November–for shipping.

Valve, I love you.

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