Wii the weakest console on the market?

Still can’t find that Nintendo Wii you’ve been after, huh? Who can Blame you? You’d be lucky if you had a store that kept their Wii shipments in longer than just a few hours after they arrived. Something that sells that well must be great, right?
Wrong. I came across an interesting article today that basically states this: The Wii sucks. You know it, I know it, we all know it. The quality of games that has come out for Nintendo’s little system have ranged from crap to.. well.. crap.

Yes, I know. There are the occasional Gems like Twilight Princess, Brawl, Mario Galaxy, and Zack and Wiki.. But on the whole, the Wii doesn’t have much to offer for anybody above the age of 8.

The article states that:

“Since its release in 2005, there have been some 374 games released for the XBox 360. Of the 374, 86 titles have received a ‘good’ rating(an average ranking of 80% or higher, as per GameRankings). 92 have received ‘poor’ ratings(an average of lower than 60%). That means about 26% of the games for the 360 are ‘good’, and about 24% are considered trash. The PS3 has seen 122 games released, with 40(33%) good games and 20(17%) poor games(ironic considering the most common argument against the PS3 is a lack of good games).

The Wii, released alongside the PS3 in November 2006, has seen a considerable 189 games released. Of these titles, a whoping 69, or 37% are complete trash. On the flipside, there are only 20 good games, making up a minuscule 11% – and of those 20, 4 of them are ports of last generation PS2/Gamecube games! What happened?”

What happened, Nintendo? We all fell in love with that tiny little console before launch. Sure, you came out with a name we all snickered at for a few weeks.. But we learned to love it. Now you’re just dropping the ball. Add some quality control, Nintendo. Please.

Hit the link to read the full article. It’s quite a good read.

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