Info on new Bungie Projects coming soon

And you really thought you had finished the fight, I lol at you naive kids! in the latest Bungie Weekly Update it is confirmed that both A) Bungie is expanding its team as to help the process on the oh-so-tight-lipped “Halo/Peter Jackson” project, and their own “top secret” projects that we will find out about eventually. My money goes on a new Marathon, or maybe the other Marathons coming to XBLA.

“A Peter Jackson-helmed Halo project was announced at X06 in Barcelona,” said a Microsoft spokesperson. “Since then, Microsoft Game Studios has been hard at work collaborating with Peter Jackson and Bungie on the development of that project. At this time, it’s necessary to grow the internal team to keep pace with development. Bungie will continue to remain involved in multiple aspects of the Halo Universe with MGS.”

So what does this all mean? In a nutshell, Microsoft is building a development team to work on future Halo game titles – the first one being collaboration with Peter Jackson. Just like the upcoming Halo Wars from Ensemble, this isn’t “our” game. However, having worked with him already, we are possibly more excited than you are to see what someone of Peter Jackson’s imagination, talent and resources can bring to a Halo game experience. Bungie will, however, continue to remain very much involved in multiple aspects the Halo Universe as part of our ongoing relationship with Microsoft.

Meanwhile, we’re damn busy ourselves with a variety of projects underway within the studio including one that you’ll be hearing more about in the very near future. Now that we control our own destiny we also have other longer term, top secret plans afoot. The wait for that may be a tad longer though.

The update goes on to also say about how Team SWAT is coming in May, and other updates to double XP Weekends

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