Final Fantasy 4 DS out in US in July, Chrono Remake possible?

Recently, a 10 page article in the May issue of Nintendo Power showed a bunch of screens on the upcoming FF4 remake, but also said that the game was to be here in july sometime. This has yet to be confirmed by Square though. Also of interest is an interview with director Takashi Tokita who had this to say:

“Chrono Trigger was a no-holds-barred, swashbuckling adventure that was a lot of fun to work on,” said Tokita. “If the demand is great enough, it’s certainly possible.

“But as a creator, I feel the need to create new titles and not just series installments and remakes,” he added. “I realize it’s a little strange for me to be saying that in an interview about Final Fantasy IV (laughs). But I need to remind myself of that, too.”

Well fans, if your not too busy getting shut down for making your own renditions of the game, translating Satellaview offshoots, and checking the paton offices for new possible games in this series, can you please get out there and show some demand?

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