Square-Enix Announce New DS Game: Sigma Harmonics

As the title hints at, Square has just announced a new game for the DS entitled Sigma Harmonics, and it’s being made by the best team Square has to offer. Most of the members of the FF7: Dirge of Cerberus team! Ok, well at least Kitase is acting as the producer, and it seems like a pretty original and novel idea.

Of course, a world is in danger, but the good guy here is named Sigma, and has a partner named Neon. It is their job to save the world by….solving riddles. It actually makes sense because the world is in shambles after some douchebag somehow rewrote it’s history. Monsters seem to be ghosts of thier former selves that transcend space and time and terrorize people in different worlds/times, and only Neon can fight them. So it is Sigma’s job to sit back and play interpretive music to guide Neon and the God inside him’s fighting. Hmmm.?

Not much is known about the leveling up mechanics, and not many details have been given. It sounds interesting to say the least, so be sure to keep your eyes open for more updates

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