Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One Announced for DS

Heres a nice tidbit from this month’s Shonin Jump (Japanese gaming publication). In it, it says that Square-Enix is behind another Valkyrie Profile game from Tri-Ace. The game is called Valkyrie Profile: The Accused One and is for the DS.

There seems like there is going to be some changes this time as you don’t play as a Valkyrie, or even a female. No, this time it’s a soldier out for revenge on the gods from something that happened in the past. He is given some kind of feather to help him out from somebody from the under world (fat load of help a feather would be 🙁 ).

Some pictures of the scan have surfaced and can be seen below.

From the looks of the graphics, it looks like it may be isometric, and therefore maybe even a SRPG. Of course, thats pure guessing on my part but we’ll see.

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