IGN Previews Huxley

Remember Huxley? Its that MMOFPS by Webzen Games that talks all this jazz of 60 Vs. 60 wars and cities that house up to 5000 people and bringing it together with some very similar gameplay mechanics to Unreal Tournament (with the engine to match)? Well, its been in development for a while now and not much has been said about it in a while. I’m not a PC gamer, but i thought this looked really cool. IGN has a whole preview article, and several new movies on the game. You’ll be able to buy a house, and then take your guns there and tune them with new abilities and such. Of course, tuning takes skill so you can only level up that skill by practicing. Also there are PvP, and PvE areas where you can engage in some intense E-battles.

IGN Preview Article

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