1up’s review of Crisis Core

Theres been an influx of english videos coming out for the soon to be released FF7 prequel. 1up gives the skinny on the time they’ve spent with the english version of the game (lucky bastards).

We played a bit of Crisis Core back when the game launched in Japan. From the time we spent with the moon-language version of the game, we could tell the long-awaited prequel to legendary RPG Final Fantasy VII features elaborate storytelling, a simple action-based battle system and possibly the best graphics on PSP. God of War fans may disagree, but either way, it’s a damn good-looking game.

Ive also spent some time with the japanese version too, I imported the Crisis Core Bundle pack. you can see my impressions Here

You can see the rest of the 1up preview after the jump or by following the below link

Full 1up Preview

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