Full Auto Drives on the PSP

Sega announes that the previously PS3 exclusive will no longer hold that title. The combat driving game will also be released on the Sony PSP handheld system.

Currently in development, Battlelines is scheduled to be in stores this spring. Deep Fried Entertainment, Vancouver, Canada, will be handling the development.

As with the Playstation 3 version, Full Auto 2 will be a car combat game featuring vehicles outfitted with various weapons. Gamers will speed around 15 fully destructible environments in a race to see who can finish first and in one piece.

In the single-player option, gamers will have 56 events, to battle through. The multiplayer modes include a variety of modes; Head-On, Down & Back, and Arena Deathmatch. Also making it’s way over from the console version is the unwreck feature, which will allow gamers to reverse time and have a second chance at maintaining their safe driver’s insurance discount.

A features list from the official website are as follows:

  • Car combat on the PSP: All the destruction and high-speed combat racing from the PLAYSTATION 3, now on the PSP system!
  • Destruction matters: Strategically targeted destruction opens up invaluable new routes and blocks opponents.
  • New career storyline: A 50+ event single-player career path with multiple modes, objectives, destructive weapons, areas, and rivals to unlock.
  • Variety of gameplay modes: Numerous single-player and multiplayer races via ad hoc, such as Head-On, Down & Back, as well as Arena Deathmatch modes challenge players with a variety of objectives.
  • Brand new customizable vehicles: Players obliterate and wreak havoc in 15 cars – nine brand new to the PSP version!
  • All-new weapons: Customize vehicles with light, medium and heavy weapons including the M16, Grenade, M60, M203 Launcher, Aircraft Gun, Mortar, Fire & Forget Missile, and Heat-Seeking Missiles.
  • Over 15 original tracks: Three unique new districts on the PSP system, each offering six tracks including Point-to-Point, Circuit, and Arena levels.
  • AAA licensed soundtrack: Obliterate the city while listening to popular tracks by Stone Sour, Sum 41, We Are Scientists, Wolfmother and others.
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