Sony says you can’t import

Well, the precedent is now set. Sony has successfully sued a grey market import company. Lik-Sang has officially closed their doors after the High Court of London ruled in Sonys’ favor. Sony has now been able to establish that it is unlawful to import Sony products, namely the PS2, PS3, and PSP to other territories without consent from Sony.

Lik-Sang is currently still available at, and still seems to have a functional webiste. I doubt that you’ll be able to place any orders though. They are working diligently to try and get all the refunds, RMAs, pre-orders, etc. taken care of. They are also working with multiple financial institutions, including PayPal, to get the proper transactions taken care of.

This is a sad day for anyone who enjoys the luxury of paying premium prices to get their hands on hardware and software that is first released abroad.

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