PS3 accessories and prices

Sony has announced prices for some of its’ upcoming accessories for the Sony Playstation 3.

PS3 HDMI cable will retail for $49.99. Less expensive than some cables, but a lot more expensive than others. Any HDMI cable will work, so it’s really left up to the users to decide whether they need to pay $50 for a cable. Ebay usually has cables ranging from $10 on up.

PS3 Sixaxis controllers will sell for $49.99 each. The controller has built-in Bluetooth wireless connectivity. The PS3 will support up to seven controllers at once, without the need for a next-gen equivalent of a multitap extension. (YAY)

As with every electronic device known to man, or woman for our female readers, the PS3 will also have a remote “Sold Seperately”. The Blu-ray Disc Remote can be aquired (retail) for $29.99 and will provide single-button controls for most of the PS3’s media functionality.

Since we’re on the Blue-ray disc discussion, we might as well mention that Sony is planning, for a limited time, to bundle a BRD movie with the system. While that sounds cool, great, and exciting to have a BRD movie to watch, the choice that Sony made will baffle you: Talladega Nights: The Legend of Ricky Bobby is what you’ll be watching ! Gooooo Sony !

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