4 million users can’t be wrong

Milestones come, and they go. Well, this one keeps going, and going, and… ok, you get the idea. Microsofts highly regarding Xbox Live service has surpassed 4 million users. Xbox Live has been a major selling point for both of its’ consoles. Some other noteable statistics for the Live service are;

70+ million pieces of content downloaded in Xbox Live Marketplace’s first 11 months.

Over 12 million Xbox Live Arcade downloads in that same 11 montsh.
24 percent of trials downloaded lead to purchases. Currently Uno leads all Arcade titles with 50 percent of the trial users purchasing the classic card game.

Over 2 billion hours, and 9 million text and voice messages are sent over Xbox Live each week

A dashboard update for the Xbox 360 is still outstanding, and should be here this fall season.

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