Splinter Cell: Double Agent – Demo

The demo for Ubisofts new release for the Splinter Cell franchise is available on XBLive now. The file weighed in at more than 700MB in size and gives users a taste of the game’s multiplayer action.

Users will get two mods; a cooperative mode that sees gamers try to hack files and computer-controlled bots try and stop them; and a multiplayer mode that places acrobatic spies versus gun weilding mercs in a game of cat and mouse.

The demo release hasn’t gone without problems though. Connecting to matches proved more of a task over the weekend, than playing the game .

According to Ubisoft the problem and has been fixed. The problem was due to server issues that lead from an extremely high demand.

An Xbox 360 single-player demo is supposed to be released soon; and PC demos of the game are expected as well.

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