Buy your cheats on XBL

You can now buy cheats for Tiger Woods 2007 via XBLive. Instead of playing the game to reward yourself with the goodies you’d normally unlock, you can unlock golfers, courses, and other add-ons for a mere 200 points ($2.50) each.

For example, you can shell out 200 points for the Maxed-Out Player add-on, which will set their created golfers’ stats to 110% across the board. The more expensive Pro Shop add-on (300 points, or $3.75) will unlock all of the pro shop gear for the player’s use.

There are some things in the game that can NOT be unlocked via gameplay. The Sunday Tiger download (240 points, or $3) is exclusive to the Marketplace. This will allow players to hit the course as Woods in his trademark tournament-ending red shirt.

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