Nintendo is Wii ahead of the game…

According to reports from UBS analysts Alex Gauna and Steven Chin, Nintendo had already made 2 million Wiis by the end of September. They further predict that, “at least 7 million and potentially as high as 9 million more units are in the build plan for Q4 06. This production spike surpasses a publicly announced target for 6 million units to ship by year’s end.” If these statements hold true, we may see 9-11 million units being produced, although they all would not likely ship by year’s end.

I guess Nintendo has taken the simple road with making their next-gen console, deciding not to include DVD playback, or cutting edge optical format. In this respect, they surely won’t suffer from the lack of stock that the Xbox 360 had, and the PS3 most certainly will face on it’s lauch.

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